1. By accidence

      photo Teija Isohauta

      'By accidence' is an art action born by accident during last spring by designer Simo Heikkilä together with sculpturer Seppo Uuranmäki.

      'By accidence' is designed to be shown during Jyväskylä City of Light happening 22.9.-1.10.2016 at Korpilahti bay area.

    2. Art Coordinator

      Teija has been nominated as an Art Coordinator for new hospital building to be made in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. The project will be finished by 2020.

    3. SHW


      'Simo Heikkilä Works' is a book that covers the products of Simo Heikkilä's professional career as a designer. The book also content articles from his track as an  exhibition architect and as a  teacher. 240 pages/ Finnish and English/ isbn 978-952-93-7194-5